Solar panel SOLID Bifacial B.60 370W - 9% Transparenz


Introducing the SOLID Bifacial Frameless Glass Solar Panel – where innovation meets aesthetics for a brighter, sustainable future.

Elegance Meets Efficiency: Our frameless design redefines solar panels, blending seamlessly into any architectural setting while delivering exceptional energy performance. Say goodbye to bulky frames and hello to a sleek, contemporary look that complements your space.

Double the Power, Double the Savings: SOLID Bifacial technology captures sunlight from both sides of the panel, effectively increasing energy production. Harnessing the sun’s energy from above and below means more power generated and greater savings on your energy bills.

Built to Last: Crafted with high-quality glass, SOLID Bifacial panels are built to withstand the test of time and the harshest weather conditions. With a robust frameless construction, these panels are not just efficient but also exceptionally durable, ensuring your investment pays off for years to come.

We provide 30-year product warranty for all glass glass series solar panels, 87% performance guarantee after 30 years.

The glass glass solar modules are designed to prioritize lifetime, reliability and long-term savings. Glass glass solar panels are safe, fire class A, strong, beautiful and long-lasting. Each component plays an important role in the lifetime and performance of our modules.

All glass glass solar modules from SoliTek are certified by Cradle to Cradle. 

At ideal circumstances bifacial solar panel can generate up to 35% more electricity, compared with glass foil solar panel.

We started to produce solar panel Solid Bifacial in 2017 and our

made a huge impact in developing such solar panels

SoliTek SOLID Bifacial Photovoltaik Modul
SoliTek SOLID Bifacial Photovoltaik Modul

Solar panel SOLID Bifacial B.40 245W - 40% Transparenz


Discover the next level of solar energy innovation with the Solid Framed Transparent Solar Panel. It shares the remarkable attributes of the Solid AGRO while enhancing transparency by up to an astounding 40%. What sets it apart? A sturdy frame that ensures the utmost stability. Featuring front glass coated with an advanced anti-reflective coating for optimal light absorption, this solar panel is designed to elevate your energy game while keeping your installation secure.

Why Choose the Solid Framed Transparent Solar Panel?

  • Enhanced Transparency: With an impressive 40% transparency rate, this solar panel maximizes light penetration while maintaining the utmost structural stability.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: The front glass is specially treated to minimize reflections, ensuring exceptional absorption rates and increased energy generation.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification: Rest easy knowing that the Solid Framed Transparent Solar Panel is eco-friendly and sustainable, as it is certified by Cradle to Cradle, reflecting our commitment to a greener future.

Unleash the Power of Transparent Efficiency The Solid Framed Transparent Solar Panel is not just an energy solution; it’s a statement of sophistication and eco-responsibility. With Cradle to Cradle certification, you can confidently invest in a product that aligns with your values and meets your energy needs efficiently.

SoliTek SOLID AgroPhotovoltaik Modul
SoliTek SOLID AgroPhotovoltaik Modul
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